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We are at the beginning of profound changes in how the business will interact with consumers and sell products.

Now is a great time for brands to start developing strategies and learning what works for consumers and what doesn’t so they are ready to make the transition and to commit to longer-term investments when the optics market ignites.





With AR&VR applications you can showcase a customer your products before buying.

IKEA has already experimented with augmented reality that allowed future customers to try out their furniture.

Shopify created VR app that helps their customers select T-shirts without leaving the house.

This technology gives the customer a possibility to “test drive” your products, including colour variations and configurations, comparison of products side-by-side and real-life experiences in e-commerce.

Among the benefits for clients are the boost of client confidence when buying that leads to the reduction of returns and increase of sales.


Why spend lots of money on production before testing your products?

With AR&VR technology you can visualize future products and cut down prototyping costs, it allows designers to manipulate and interact with the product in the real world in the real size until they’re satisfied, instead of going through multiple production stages in the prototyping phase.

You can prototype anything from a store line and real estate to a car.


Showcase your products in real time to drive the sales.

This can be used for B2C and B2B sales and your sales representative can show your product.

You can engage your customer in an interactive experience while showing B2B production equipment in real size using the software, for example. This brings innovation and effectiveness to your business.


‘Users will start expecting brands to have mixed reality experiences in 2018. The big money will show up in 2020’ – Robert Scoble.

Today's consumers are ready for more visual interactions with their favorite brands, this means that everything in the world can now become a media channel.

AR/VR strategy for your brand has lots of benefits which also profoundly impact product sales, brand loyalties, and consumer engagement at unimaginable rates.

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